Beijing Deploys Facial ID for Foreign Enterprises’ Registration

BeijingService 2024-01-19 13:33 Posted on 北京

Emilia, a U.S. citizen, collected her company’s business license at the Market Regulation Bureau of Fengtai District, Beijing.
Emilia, a U.S. citizen, collected her company’s business license at the Market Regulation Bureau of Fengtai District, Beijing.

👏👏Celebrating Emilia’s Milestone in Beijing: A Pioneering Achievement in Business Registration👏👏

In an inspiring development, Emilia, the dynamic force behind Daily Nuggets, recently achieved a remarkable feat in the world of international business. On January 18, Emilia visited the Government Service Center of Fengtai District in Beijing, embarking on a journey to obtain her company’s business license. This significant event marks a momentous occasion, not only for Emilia but also for foreign entrepreneurs worldwide.

A New Era of Digital Efficiency

In the past, foreign investors, like Emilia, faced numerous challenges in registering their businesses in China. The process required supplementary identification documents from their home countries or the cumbersome step of real-name verification through a Chinese bank card. However, Beijing has ushered in a new era of digital efficiency.

Thanks to the collaborative efforts of the Beijing Municipal Administration for Market Regulation and several other government departments, foreign nationals can now register foreign-invested enterprises online. This groundbreaking policy, fully implemented since January 18, utilizes the WeChat mini-program of the Beijing-operated E-window Service platform, incorporating advanced facial recognition technology.

Emilia’s Exemplary Experience

Emilia’s experience stands as a testament to this technological advancement. Despite not being fluent in Chinese, she navigated the online application process with remarkable ease. Using the WeChat mini-program, she sequentially selected the relevant options, completing her application through facial ID for identity verification. In mere minutes, the backend approved her application, and she received her business license in person.

This streamlined process significantly reduces the overall cost and complexity of establishing a business for foreign individual investors, making Beijing an even more attractive hub for global entrepreneurs.

A Celebration of Progress

Emilia’s achievement is more than just personal success; it symbolizes the possibilities that arise when technology and progressive policies converge. We at [Emilia’s Company Name] are thrilled to celebrate this milestone and look forward to the exciting opportunities it brings.

This momentous event was reported by the Beijing Daily App, highlighting the advancements in Beijing’s administrative services and the positive implications for the international business community.