A poem by Emilia – “Girls”

In the garden of humanity, amidst the endless bloom,
Are girls of strength and courage, dispelling all the gloom.
Dreamers, thinkers, and believers, in every place and room,
Their hearts were as vast and boundless as a sweeping, starry flume.

They dance among the daisies, their laughter sweet and light,
Or chase the distant galaxies in the quiet, velvet night.
The world is but a canvas for their radiant, eager sight,
And every waking moment, a chance to shine their light.

Their voices rise in unity, resound across the plain,
They speak for love, for justice, through sunshine or rain.
No mountain stands too tall, no endeavour is in vain,
For they possess a power that will break the strongest chain.

For every girl who’s dreaming, look up and see the sky,
Let no one dim your light or ever make you shy.
Your worth is not determined by an answer to the “why?”,
But by the love you carry and the wings that make you fly.

Your journey is your own, dear girl, don’t let it go astray,
Each step you take, each choice you make, lights up your unique way.
So, dance among the daisies, let your laughter ring today,
The world awaits your magic, in the beautiful ballet.

Remember, every girl is born a star in her own right,
And every dawn’s a testament to her enduring light.
In the garden of humanity, you are the most bright,
A beacon for the future, breaking the darkest night.