July 2023 Podcasts Daily Nuggets

July podcast (Episode 1)

About – QUEEN MODESTUS, China-Africa Diplomatic Discourse Analyst (Founder DIl Africa)

July Podcast (EPISODE 2)

A podcast about toxicity in a relationship. How does one know he or she is in a toxic relationship?

July podcast (Episode 3)

A Podcast about Elodie her life and trials and tribulations about toxixity in a relationsip

WeChat: PRUNELLE ELODIE cell: 18310373051 / Email: [email protected]

July podcast (Episode 4)

A conversation with Gift Mona- Media director at CGTN Television station Beijing China, with some tidbits about his views on Toxic relationships.

GIFT MONA: Instagram – @giftmona / Email: [email protected]