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Meet Janine Jakob

Founder, Peak Performance Coach, Intercultural Consultant, Motivational Speaker

Women Entrepreneur Magazine describes Janine Jakob as “a successful entrepreneur whose purpose is to foster a high-performing and joyful workplace and make employees feel valued”. After a double Master’s degree in Germany and China and working for Fortune 500 company Hewlett-Packard for 7 years, she quit her job. Without savings, Janine opened her own company in Shanghai providing coaching, training and consulting since 2018.

Industry Experience: 13 yrs in Hospitality, 9 yrs in Consulting, 9 yrs in IT, 6 yrs in Education, 6 yrs in Manufacturing, Automotive & Life Sciences, 3 yrs in Finance


  • Positive Intelligence (PQ) Coach Certification
  • NLP Practitioner & Coach Certification
  • ICCI-certified Career Advisor
  • ICF Coaching Training taken.
  • Communication & mediation in
    International & virtual teams
  • Languages: Fluent in German, English,
    French, Mandarin (HSK 3)